Complete Gold Coast theme park transfers Guide to Filerimos Hill

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Filerimos Hill is an extraordinary location that is around 15km outside the area of capital Rhodes. It is like a hill that is approximately 267 m high. It is located at such a travel destination where it is overlooking the small town named Ialyssos as well as the bat of Trianda and Ixia. Straight away from the top of the Filerimos Hill, you can grab the best entertainment of a panoramic view of the Aegean with some sparkling turquoise waters running near the shoreline. It is deep blue that is stretching in the direction of the coast called Asia Minor. According to Gold Coast theme park transfers guide, this whole hill has been thickly planted with the cypresses plus pines and so many other trees. You can take it as the ideal location roaming around in the Rhodian nature.  Visit it now!

Its incredible winding roads will be leading you to reach the top of the hills. This is the place where the Monastery of Filerimos is found. It looks so much extraordinary and mind-blowing to travel on the roads.

Filerimos Monastery

Filerimos Monastery is one of the leading and top archaeological sites of history. Thus, before this place, it was the ancient town of Ialyssos that was accompanied by the significant temple as a complete dedication of Athena Polias. The hill has been named after the monk who was from Jerusalem in the era of the 13th century. He brings along with him the iconic Blessed Virgin that was painted by the Apostle Luke.

Inside the structure, there is a set of buildings from various periods. You can find the incredible ruins of the grand temple of the goddess Athena that originated from the era of 3- 2 century BC. This temple was built on the remains of the Byzantine church. Over the top hill location, there is also a stunning church that is a complete dedication to their lady. The Knights built the Monastery in the era of 14th century AD.

Filerimos Cross

Filerimos Cross is a hill that is almost 27 meters high. This cross hill is overlooking the bay of Ixia as well as Lalysos. In the nearby areas, you can also find the fantastic Monastery of Filerimos as well as ruins that are from the temple of Athena Polias. You can also hire theme park transfers gold coast to visit this place.